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  1. pos online/offline

    If you can put up escrow or upfront security fee of $1k then contact me. (FORUM ESCROW) I can give you jobs ranging from 10K-100K easy. But no escrow or upfront security fee don't even bother contacting me.
  2. X2 EMV upgrade software

    Bro, do not send that scammer your coins. I'm talking about the ICQ you see on that X2 software. That guy will take your money and give you shitty stuff that already out there. If you want the other X2 contact me I'll give it to you. But that FUCKER ROMANOV with that ICQ ending in 8289 WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY and give you nothing in return. PURE SCAMMER that FOOL.
  3. is there a drought?

    Bro it may not have occurred to you but carding/in-storing as it use to be is DEAD. It's been dead for almost 2-3 years now, last year the nail on the coffin was hammered in and this year its gone 6 feet under. And don't hope for Jesus to resurrect Lazarus here...the way in-store carding is going, it's gonna be a matter of who you know that can let you in on the working software. 85-90% of dump vendors now are just milking the chicken! It ain't because their dumps ain't good its because banks have caught on. If you're not using the dump via the proper EMV your shit will be declined. The reason dump vendors are scammers is because nothing is working anymore and yet their prices remain at $20, $30, $50 a piece! Although some vendors have $3, $5 prices. That's why if you're still paying more than $10, $20 max for any dump these days, sorry to say, you are dumb-ass! Cos a $5 one will work just as the same $20 one, meaning you'll be able to buy a can of soda that's it..LOL Anyway wake up and smell the rotten air, its not business as usual anymore. Perhaps it won't be so forever again. So STOP GIVING these retarded dump vendors your lunch money while you're getting nothing in return RISKING your freedom over shit that doesn't work.
  4. 201EMV SDK software

    That same idiot @banamana negative rep me for no apparent reason too. I was like who is this retard here? So I negative rep him right back..and before I know it, He got a rep from his other clone nick...jawze. I can bet $1 easy that jawze is his other clone nick. These foolish noobs polluting the scene.
  5. 201EMV SDK software

    Dude, You are phony as hell! Nothing you said in there has any truth to it. I NEVER, EVER asked you anything for free. I asked to pay several times. I even went further to offer you other things of my skills, things which I've only offered to you and one other person in my ENTIRE LIFE (and the other guy he's here too, good guy. He at least tells it like it is. No gimmicks.) You are a CLOWN for saying I wanted shit for free. I never ask anything for free from anyone. NOT now, NOT before, NOT EVER! I engage or negotiate on a QUID PRO QUO basis with anyone I discuss with if i wanted anything, that is IF money has not already been offered directly. So STFU that was lie. You think I got nothing in my brain or my own skills that i'll ask shit for free? Heck I was only engaged in this merry-go-round non sense with you because I've known you for a while. I would dare not lose an ounce of my dignity by engaging you that long had I not known you since a little way back. Instead of helping this is what you always do: You will say to me, bro I will come back in 2 or 3 days time and we'll talk because I'm out of town and when I come I'll do this and I'll do that but that 2,3 days will become 2 weeks, and you log on everyday. Then when you do talk, it's you glowing to me...oh I made $3k transactions with my software easily blah blah...this went on for months REPEATEDLY, while I wait patiently, hoping you'll come to some semblance of any sense and sell me the software worst case scenario, or take me up on the VERY good offer I put on the table. NOPE, instead You became a very inconsiderate taunter! TEASING, and PLAYING ON one's emotion. Totally cruel bro. Not cool man! I'll say it again. Join the queue hermano. Good to see you can have a taste of that deep frustration too. Hey, the up side is that you've not been starving as long as some of us The point of this rhetoric is to show you that what goes around comes around. AGAIN, you ass clown, I NEVER ASKED YOU ANYTHING FOR FREE, In fact I was the one giving you many other related info for free hoping to engage you in an intelligent way. And to think I've known you all these past years, since darkmarket days it's shame! Hermano, I'd say no more after this. I've vented enough. But welcome to the land of fraustrationistan. Maybe we'll make you mayor LOL
  6. 201EMV SDK software

    Bro honestly you're the one to talk now? Its not like you EVER, I mean EVER help anyone either! I was talking to you for weeks and weeks to months and months to probably over a year now on ICQ. I mean you are like of those neurotic people who can blame everyone else but themselves. You're the kind of people who, when they are enjoying shit, they never EVER share or remember anyone but when shit goes sour, they will be the first to ask everyone for help. You kept me in suspense for months and months, giving me bullshit promises and giving false hope...and now you want people to throw softwares at you just because you said so!? (Anyway, this is just my interaction with you) The sad part was, if you had said, LISTEN I cannot share this with you AT ALL EVER,point blank, I would have understood. Cos some people do not share their things, that part I understand but when you keep someone in suspense and yet you have that thing in hand and use it everyday! And now you wanna talk in frustration to us who have been starving longer that you! FUCK OFF MAN. You are one annoying guy who do not know how keep good friends. I just had to point out your bullshit, understand the IRONY of your statement above. I can see you are now frustrated like the rest of us. Hahaha. Join the queue man.
  7. 201EMV SDK software

    I've been told its just another type of scam. So I'll advice u not to pay for it. If you got it, do make sure it's properly scanned through virus checker.
  8. ARQC

    Why don't you just explain it here for us to see. Making people PM you separately if you are not charging is pointless. So please do the community a favor and explain it here publicly...you might even get likes and rep for it.

    You are a complete buffoon. We all write in English and Russian here. So things are bound to be similar occasionally. So in your FUCKED UP mind anyone and everyone here who writes in complete and well punctuated sentences are the same? ----

    This made me laugh...LOL This marte guy is seriously deluded. marte you are among the worst guys on this forum! You say shit without substance or proof. You talk recklessly. All your posts has no real meaning or anything gainful. marte = Moron. Negative rep me cos I said all EMV softwares sellers are scammers...WHICH THEY ARE! That negative rep has clearly demonstrated that you are a clone 100%, of one of these bullshit EMV software sellers that populates this board. I wish admin would just take away that or - rep thing. Its like giving ammunition like guns to moronic people like marte, eventually they'll start shooting the wrong people with the guns much like how it's happening here in the good ol US of A. The /- thing serves the ego too many real life moronic people here. He said, someone says I'm Megaman...LOL....show us that person that said that and the proof.
  11. Credit report service

    This dude is legit. He was able to do a Canadian CR lookup for me with the info I provided him. And $20 isn't bad for the lookup. This is my vouch that he can do what he says. Now if you are not comfortable please use escrow. I don't want people linking us thinking he and I are the same. I was only obliged to leave this quick feedback because he did a free lookup for me. He has good and prompt communication too. Pleasant guy to deal with.
  12. Credit report service

    cool. Would you do a few for me for vouch purposes? Canada CR I mean. If not, do it first then I pay you afterwards then I'll vouch even after. send me a PM if you're interested.
  13. N/A - redspider.su

    NICKNAME: redspider [redspider.su] link to profile: https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=22624 I sent funds to my account on the shop (I EVEN PAID $30 for BTC transaction fee just so I can get the funds added quickly to the shop.) WITHIN 30 MINUTES I got 6 confirmations. SHOP has refused to add my funds. Its now 3 days and BTC has OVER 100 CONFIRMATION on blockchain...yet no funds in my account. BLOCKCHAIN: https://blockchain.info/address/3C2n...dH1Djrab2DFHxb (You can see the number of confirmations) I sent exact BTC amount shop told me to send. I sent amount to the correct address shop gave me. see image here: https://prnt.sc/htyu6l I made this thread because I left two messages for support. MY messages got deleted with no explanation! This is how I know they are a bullshit scammer shop now.