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  1. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

  2. EMV chip AQRC generate

  3. Who can send EMT transfers in Canada?

    Sorry you're new account and you post about cashing out so I know you are middle man. I am looking for actual professional not time waster.
  4. Who can send EMT transfers in Canada?

    You are new account and you say in another thread that you have lots of drops.......so........no thanks I do not believe you can send EMT.
  5. Who can send EMT transfers in Canada?



    He's a ripper, no one do business with him. Tried to rip me for a measly $100

  9. Online carding has humbled me.

    trukone, google "pidgin jabber". It is a simple and easy interface for jabber and other types of platforms. Using pidgin you can add jabber accounts and ICQ accounts if you want, all from one interface. To create a jabber account to add to pidgin once you've downloaded it, go to xmpp.jp and register a new jabber account and password. Then open Pidgin and add it to your Accounts. When you are adding the jabber to pidgin, you have to select the "XMPP" option in the protocol scroll tab. Then you enter your username in the Username field without the @ portion so for example [ mynewjabbber@xmpp.jp] you enter "mynewjabber" in the username field. In the domain field you enter "xmpp.jp" in the resource field you enter "Home" and in password field you enter the password you created. Check the remember password button and then click add. Now you can add contacts that give you their jabber id and communicate with them. After all that goggle "pidgin OTR plugin" download that and run that application and it will add a plugin to pidgin that encrypts communications. So go back into pidgin go to the plugins settings options in the menu and click the checkbox to enable it in pidgin. Добавлено через 7 минут 2 секунды Also trukone you need a better set-up than using vip72 and vpn. Your environment needs to change constantly. If you can find good rdps, use those though I think that is too hard for you to do at the moment. Best to google linken sphere or look into GlovesOS browser or another anti-detect browser. As online carding is no longer just about changing your socks to match cardholder. You need to adapt your signatures that come from your working environment such as browser, os, timezone, window size, webctr, etc, etc. Anyways I havent done online stuff for almost 2 years, so there are better experts than me now but still everything I said still applies and good luck
  10. Spoofer55 - bobclaude10@xmpp.jp

    Spoofer55 stole the 1BTC that entered my localbitcoins account. He disabled my 2FA security and transferred the bitcoin to his own wallet behind my back. He has refused to give me my 50% share. He thinks because I call him a ripper and insult him that gives him the right to not pay me.
  11. Spoofer55 - bobclaude10@xmpp.jp

    Fuck you, you rat. You think because I "cry" that gives you the right to NOT PAY ME MY MONEY?? I really hope someone beats the shit out of you with a baseball bat. Admin ban this clown idiot.
  12. Spoofer55 - bobclaude10@xmpp.jp

    Username: spoofer55 Profile: http://crdclub.su/member.php?u=137302 We agreed he would load my localbitcoins account and we would split the btc 50/50. I had 2FA enabled on as a security measure so that he could not transfer funds without me knowing about it first. He disabled the 2FA somehow and he proceeded to transfer to himself 1 BTC. I logged into the account and changed password before he could get back in. He is a ripper and a rat and he needs to be banned. Please. LOGS: (1:28:11 PM) wolfpack: hey man any update? (1:28:26 PM) wolfpack: Im getting tons of emails from traders (1:30:23 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): dont worry bro we need to get good sellers. alot sellers scammers. (1:30:34 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): wait i show u something (1:32:34 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): these all sellers we need to check for best sellers. dont worry i will give u updates. (1:33:23 PM) wolfpack: ok (2:56:35 PM) wolfpack: hey bro any updates getting tons of emails (2:57:40 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): yh showing them proof pf payment . i hope we will get good results (2:58:10 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): get blockchain account new or if u have old thats okay (2:58:28 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): dont worry about email. thats normal (2:58:41 PM) wolfpack: did you get any btc yet tho? (2:59:36 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): finensing one holder about 3k btc hopefully he will release i think (2:59:42 PM) wolfpack: cause the confirmed partners traded with has increased from last time I checked (3:00:02 PM) wolfpack: huh (3:00:17 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): yes thats normal get blockchain accounts bro (3:00:52 PM) wolfpack: that means you closed deal with new partner which means btc was released (3:00:57 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): todayand sunday hopefully we will fiish trading. whatever btc we had 50% cut (3:01:04 PM) wolfpack: wtf (3:01:25 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): why wtf bro (3:01:46 PM) wolfpack: look here bro (3:01:57 PM) wolfpack: it shows confirmed trades meaning completed trades (3:02:13 PM) wolfpack: this morning it was with 105 partners now its with 106 partners (3:02:38 PM) wolfpack: plus phone not even verified like I thought you said you did (3:03:28 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): bro listen to what am saying phone number linked seller will see this my job (3:04:09 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): bitcoin release to wallet once trade has ended. i send your cut bro. dont panic. i need u more than anything (3:05:06 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): pls get blockchain wallet and hit me up (3:05:19 PM) wolfpack: I have already blockchain wallet man (3:05:28 PM) wolfpack: whats so hard about getting that? After I logged in and checked the account: (3:22:09 PM) wolfpack: you rat thief (3:22:15 PM) wolfpack: you disabled 2fa (3:22:20 PM) wolfpack: I locked you out of account (3:22:51 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): hey bro u dont understand , why not ask me (3:23:17 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): u think am gonna steal from u? dont think that bro (3:23:42 PM) wolfpack: send me my cut now (3:23:48 PM) wolfpack: and all is forgiven (3:23:55 PM) wolfpack: you took 0.98 btc (3:24:00 PM) wolfpack: I see in the account now (3:24:07 PM) wolfpack: changed password and added 2fa back (3:24:23 PM) wolfpack: why so greedy? (3:24:28 PM) wolfpack: why? (3:25:06 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): bro yes u need to wait man. not what u think (3:26:00 PM) wolfpack: send me 0.45 btc right now man (3:26:06 PM) wolfpack: stop being greedy pig (3:26:10 PM) wolfpack: give me my share (3:26:15 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): wait (3:28:13 PM) wolfpack: send 0.45 btc to this account (bc1q8plzx9fp9qfckt5f342xcnck6gxj3fq2tg49ch) ASAP Here he is trying to blame me even though he disabled 2FA, transferred out 1 btc and never told me anything about it before I found out myself. (4:27:28 PM) wolfpack: karma will get you good (4:27:54 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): i never stole from u (4:28:22 PM) wolfpack: I have proof you transfer 0.99 btc from my account, You disable my 2FA (4:28:39 PM) wolfpack: How stupid are you? (4:29:17 PM) Spoofer (WolfPack): u acted like a kid that been hungry screaming all over. grow up man. do u know why i disabled 2fa? u should have asked. i never changed password so that should tell u am good person (4:29:51 PM) wolfpack: I should have asked? How the FUCK would I know you disabled it you IDIOT (4:29:55 PM) wolfpack: Use your small brain (4:30:05 PM) wolfpack: How would I know you disabled it???? (4:30:35 PM) wolfpack: Then you transfer 0.99 btc from account and lie to me too (4:30:43 PM) wolfpack: I asked you if you got btc released (4:30:45 PM) wolfpack: You lie