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  1. If security feature is a simple passphrase, then it will be easily fished with the other CC infos. If the security feature looks more like dynamic 3ds, then the solution will be sim swap. Imho, If fishers manage to get their hands on such infos, i expect easier transactions and for bigger amounts, tho the amount of resources and time invested will be higher, making only stuff like self payment processors or really high transactions worth the time. I can't see someone wasting his time to hit only 300$ per card no more with security features like that..
  2. who know any program to make barcodes for ids

    If u give me the details of the DL u need the barcode of i can help u can do track 1 and 2 but not track 3, which anyway is not scannable in many states

    do zelle or open a payment processor like square
  4. Having Lots of Credit Card Info Access

    depends what resources you have, if you wanna cashout it's better running through a payment gateway. If you wanna sell them price is determined by validity. Cards with 90-100% validity can range from 8 to 10 per piece, more if u get resale deal EDIT ( those are bulk prices )
  5. Will do pickup with ID

    phone pickup? Verizon, Sprint etc? Which state are you in?
  6. I'm getting declines

    You got fingerprinted, bare VM as setup is bad. Use anti fingerprint softwares to spoof your system and browser
  7. Need france bank real statement samples

    have u tried secondeyesolution ?
  8. Yeah don't worry my message was directed to OP not you, i perfectly understood what you were saying
  9. having the exact IP does not matter. You need an ip that connects to a relay which is close to 30-40 miles from card holder location. Maybe you can spoof the WebRTC and DNS to make it look like you are using the holders IP, to find it do as @lebowski said. But you'll never need to have the EXACT same IP because 1) merchant don't have it on file 2) merchant will look only if it's close to card holder address ( look above ) and if it's marked as proxy 3) many routers and legit people dont have a static IP but a rotatory one, if you'd need to have always the same IP, every merchant would need to decline 60% of the incoming transactions and of course that does not happen.
  10. Making CPN

    dude no1 sells real tradelines, takes 30 to 45 to post them. Do it urself with secured cards and other secured lines of credit that require no credit check. U just need cpn ID and u are set. You can add up to 2 3000$ tradelines every 2 weeks using this method.