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  1. best cheap residential socks5 / proxies

    What are the best cheap residential proxy websites that offer clean ip's? It seems that the ones that are legit are over 50$. I would like to buy proxies one by one and not have a monthly deal just incase the ip gets blacklisted then they'll block my account probably and take my money. Any suggestions?
  2. Best way to access someone else's PayPal account?

    After receiving account credentials , I've read that a clean socks5 is just enough to access another person's account , others say you need a rdp but rdps are relatively expensive if you fail executing. Any tips are useful brothers.
  3. Whats an optima amex card?

    its an amex company card , also do you know what an amex optima card is?
  4. Whats an optima amex card?

    Been carding for a couple weeks now , can someone explain to me whats an Amex optima card? Also a seperate question , is it a good idea to try to card with a company card?
  5. Buying paypal accounts.

    Does anyone know how easy the process is for buying a paypal account? Can anyone explain how do you get around paypals annoying pin code verifications if you do buy one? Best vendor anyone would suggest is appreciated.
  6. few beginner questions

    lebowski, hey do you have a telegram?
  7. Anyone has experience with linken sphere?

    Does anyone here have experience with linken sphere antidetect browser? I would like to talk to you about your experience with it. I never see it mentioned on any forums for some reason.
  8. Any help would be appreciated. Also how do you get passed the pincode verification , has anyone had experience with this?
  9. top 2 bin checker/identifier?

    Can anyone assist me in giving the best bin checker. Thanks in advance.
  10. Can someone tell me where i'M GOING WRONG/

    The triple VPN and tor browser thing was making fun of people I don't card with 3 Vpns and tor browser lol, that's not my setup. I really do appreciate you pointing certain things out for me though , you highlighted some points that I will fix including the time I purchase and use cards. Much appreciated.
  11. Can someone tell me where i'M GOING WRONG/

    Yes, I guess I'll stick to the basics until I can afford mistakes. This double VPN on your main computer with mac address changer then another VPN in your virtual machine , then a tor browser and to top it off a socks5 proxy thing can wait lol.
  12. Can someone tell me where i'M GOING WRONG/

    Can anyone send me to a 2019 carding tutorial. So I use linken sphere for my setup it doesnt allow any chance of my mac adrress leaking , my ip, or any sorts. You can portray/clone yourself as an ios or android phone user and fake your browser, fake a persons geo location while using socks5 in the same city. But all of that and it still didnt help , recently i bought 5 cards from jstash but none of them worked . Created a fake email took my time with the numbers etc. I also didnt go after huge websites just high end perfumes and fragrance websites and still no luck. I personally feel its not my fault but just a bad bunch of cards and bank security. Can someone magnify an important step im missing? If you want to help me I will pay you but nothing more than 20$ in btc because i already read all the tutorials you possibly can. Ofcourse free tips are welcomed as well brothers..