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  1. Fswipes

    So that's why most my bins work at one store but dc at others like I wanna say verofones AP but not incegnos And I been staying away from major banks cause I figured theyd decline the transaction but could I do same state major banks
  2. Fswipes

    So what causes the bank to decline fswipes? And what major banks allow them?
  3. Dumps - Swipe

    That's honestly a good Idea but it's hot cause the chargeback will put your shit negative and raise red flags
  4. plastics???

    okay so this is what i dont understand about plastics, whats the point of putting the card number on the card if you're not going to use it a lot, like i am using cards with numbers pre-embossed and doing just fine...but sometimes i write the card and lux says live but declines instore so that wouldve been a waste of a plastic, i just dont get whats the point unless you have a card that'd be live for weeks/months
  5. Usa East coast hb bins

    Anybody help with high balance bins for the eastcoast USA I'm tired of 20$ top offs
  6. I need Balance Checker

    does it work for dumps too?
  7. new to carding help please

    so i just recently started carding instore cause i dont like the trouble online has but for some reason all my cards are getting declined or say debit enter pin and when i switch to credit it denys it
  8. What dumps to use in canada

    shit i heard aisa cards got a lot of region blocks too
  9. Real Life Carding (Need abit of help)

    If you spend 15 and expect 200 you going to disappoint yourself you got to think of the area they are coming from and do your research if you use USA bins don't use cali if your in Maine that's unrealistic to think a card used an hour ago in California is now the same person on the other side of the map, but I personally times it by 10 like if the dump $10 I'm going for a $100 gift card $80 at the least, you just gotta figure out what works best for you...and fr in my experience 9/10 101s come doa
  10. does t1 really matter?

    so i used to write T1 with my info, but recently only been writing T2, but i have yet to ap for over $10 since i started that and i dont know if its the bin or track
  11. Problem swiping dump

    I got the same problem anything over 10 decline but mines the bin im using
  12. best bins for usa instore

    see thats my problem too its like anything over $10 declines anyone know how to fix this? or a better dumps seller
  13. best bins for usa instore

    is there any good bins for instore in usa, someone told me that different country bins were better than bins from inside the us
  14. firsthand dumps

    who sells real firsthand dumps? i heard brians club and joker the only two and other sites all share dumps