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  1. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    He selling ready POS not software
  2. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    Not even a week a day even with 20 cards money is quadrupled! Also HD doesn't the software have option for texting track and pin in the menu?
  3. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    nice for people who trying to get into DP game and know where to put POS! because getting videos on how to install on POS is hard and expensive VX670 might be 30 to 100 on eBay but the software is worth way more! Vouch for HD knowns what he doing
  4. Ransomware Affiliate Seeking

    Offer on hold for future notice.
  5. Ransomware Affiliate Seeking

    Hello, Me and my partner are developing a ransomware that is very simplistic but very reliable. We guarantee that it will be impossible to recover the encrypted files without our provided private key. We are looking for few affiliates that have experience in this field or malware infections. Commissions range from 50% to 75% You must either show that you are capable of bringing quality installs or have good enough reputation to be allowed to help us to help yourself. Our malware will be done in 17 days and ready to be spread. If interested, message me directly and do not write useless comments on the thread.
  6. Buy dp+p ( only via Escrow - CRD)

    vouch for him legit guy

    man why you write a essay?

    Best method in my opinion is buying cracked Walmart accounts with cc already added i ask seller to provide from same state as me and buy socks from same city and then card
  9. Sell US SSN + 800 (Ex)Credit Report Fulls

    He a ripper i gave lots of hoston texas ssndob and he applied for loan and showed me a screenshot but ripped and still asked for more ssndob lol he is a joke
  10. Assembling skimmer

    flash dead good luck with ATM noise Добавлено через 2 минуты 1 секунду The head with 3 tracks go where cards get put it dont make it to tight only slightly hard but very soft then add black glue and put MSRv009 and use double sided tape on ATM or super glue if kamikazi
  11. The trick is Vitamin C seltzer which dissolves the Iodine!
  12. RFID NFC Card Cloning

  13. Terminal 6?

    marcus sell 250 euros
  14. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    Hahaha, Stiga dude things everything we make belongs to his hand. as Stiga said Oh fack u
  15. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    after i finish maybe i give to 2 members)))