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  1. Bro non of your jabber is working And you dont respond Pm. Did you pay for verification to sell or to stay Idle
  2. where is mario777

    His thread still on OMerta why you guys looking for him Well i think the feds god him ( not Sure) On Omerta Last post http://prntscr.com/p69olt http://prntscr.com/p69owd http://prntscr.com/p69p29
  3. No Cvv sites wanted

    porn site's lol
  4. Where to buy good dumps?

    joker is okay if you have good ratin n bin
  5. Poland drop

    i have PKO ING Santander bank drop in poland and i might have any bank u wish with physical card and pin to cash out. here for long term business. we can start with small transaction first 50/50 Pm if we can make money
  6. EU Dumps

    You searching for d p is like wanting to give away free money
  7. Looking For: Bulk Dump+Pin

    no real pin seller bruh all dick ssuckers invest your money in something else or get ready to loose it
  8. Does anyone know the name of this site ?

    is that mirashop
  9. d+p best cashout?

    was about to say same thing
  10. how much can u earn carding

    2-5k in a day if you find the right plugs
  11. Problem swiping dump

    run as credit
  12. Btcx2/WU transfer ecc

    scam shit lol
  13. toystore---who know new site

    dead ass shop
  14. Verizon 2019 TUT TESTED and Working

    nice share