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  1. % only !!!! All banks sometimes with VNC, Email access etc. If you can do something pm me your jabber.
  2. Gave this guy 50$ upfront so he can change his code for his scampage, He took the money and never came online.
  3. Canada EMT DROPS -

    Only people with reputation add me on jabber 50/50
  4. invoice redirect fraud - USA/CA

    del, wrong section
  5. Canada EMT DROPS -

    all transfers done with vnc. people with rep only
  6. USA BANK/CC logs with email/HVNC-

    wrong section. close pls
  7. Buy botnet reports new/old any country!

    Naturalboss ripped. This idiot ripped me for 2k . Nothing but stories saying hes going to pay tomorrow etc etc, this was last month. stay away from this idiot. Lucky i dont save logs
  8. ARAB - sheikh@exploit.im

    came online and said hes paying me in 1 hour was a long time ago. stupid ripper kid
  9. ARAB - sheikh@exploit.im

    notified. no response
  10. ARAB - sheikh@exploit.im

    1- ARAB 2. https://club2crd.cc/member.php?u=23762 3. Sent him 250$ upfront to send EMT transfers, SENT 250 and disappeared 4. Contacts (Jabber/ICQ) 5. Psheikh@exploit.im 6. Added him from a new jabber and he replied. Scamming piece of shit. (2:54:09 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: ok seems no work here (2:54:14 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: gonna go sleep (3:04:57 PM) dx1: yo (3:05:20 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: ? (3:05:27 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: hi (3:05:42 PM) dx1: only have 250 (3:05:52 PM) dx1: wait (3:05:54 PM) dx1: lemme try get more (3:06:44 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: and drop ready? (3:06:55 PM) dx1: sec (3:07:04 PM) dx1: gimme ur btc (3:07:07 PM) dx1: if you can take 250 (3:07:09 PM) dx1: i can send you now (3:07:11 PM) dx1: dont have more (3:07:34 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: not uploading escrow? (3:07:38 PM) dx1: no to lazy\ (3:07:42 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: drop ready? (3:07:47 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: kk i will send (3:07:50 PM) dx1: 1min (3:07:52 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: gime email and name (3:08:21 PM) dx1: send wallet (3:08:24 PM) dx1: first (3:08:49 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: 15eAYiq9Wp7biWp4ozkozeLmvZgL5KjNSD (3:08:56 PM) dx1: its 250 cad (3:08:56 PM) dx1: btw (3:09:00 PM) dx1: not usd (3:09:30 PM) dx1: hold (3:09:44 PM) dx1: yes? (3:09:48 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: its ok i sell vnc at this price (3:09:56 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: but talking 2 days (3:10:12 PM) dx1: monday (3:10:14 PM) dx1: we can also do (3:10:16 PM) dx1: rbc to rbc (3:10:17 PM) dx1: if you can do (3:10:19 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: lets see how many drops u will give and how they work (3:10:29 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: i will send from rbc now the emt (3:10:34 PM) dx1: ok (3:10:47 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: got many rbc holders so no difference what type (3:11:01 PM) dx1: its sent (3:11:05 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: ok (3:11:08 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: info (3:11:10 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: ? (3:11:12 PM) dx1: 10min (3:11:21 PM) dx1: brb 10min (3:24:20 PM) dx1: yo (3:24:37 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: yes (3:24:42 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: waiting (3:24:48 PM) dx1: 3k (3:25:02 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: ok (3:25:10 PM) dx1: screenshot once done (3:25:19 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: ?? (3:39:54 PM) dx1: how long? (3:40:13 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: 3 mins and gone (3:40:18 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: will reach in 10 (3:40:38 PM) dx1: i know but send screenshot pls (3:40:46 PM) dx1: how much u send? (3:40:54 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: ok 2.8 (3:40:57 PM) sheikh@exploit.im: sec (3:41:00 PM) dx1: k (3:51:09 PM) dx1: ? (3:52:44 PM) dx1: brop (3:52:51 PM) dx1: i asked you to give me screenshot once doen (3:52:54 PM) dx1: then you tell me 3min and gone (3:54:19 PM) dx1: and now you not replying (4:00:23 PM) Unable to buzz, because sheikh@exploit.im does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now. (4:00:27 PM) dx1: dude (4:05:07 PM) dx1: brb 10min (4:21:09 PM) dx1: DUDE (4:21:12 PM) dx1: what kind of bullshit is this (4:24:24 PM) dx1: k anyways.......... im going now (4:24:29 PM) dx1: your not serious 100% (4:24:37 PM) dx1: send back my money please (4:24:45 PM) dx1: because no way you sent money (4:34:02 PM) dx1: k im going to sleep dont do it now, just send money back please ill give u wallet tomorrow